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We founded Family Dinner to support small, local farmers. We strive to help them sell everything they grow, thereby minimizing waste in the food system and building a better experience for our members.

By working with multiple farms, we curate a selection of items that you'll love. Learn more about our story and the farms we work with by checking out Our Story.

Flower Shares!

Flower Shares!

Flower shares are back and they're ready to brighten up your home and bring a smile to that mug of yours! The folks at Old Friends Farm will be picking and packing up field bunches and field bouquets each week and we will bring them right to your door! We are starting in Massachusetts for now but will have this up and running in Maine very soon.
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Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

What exactly are these curly, serpentine-looking veggies? The simple answer is that they are the early stages of where flowers come from to produce seeds. There are two ways that garlic propagates (to make more plants)–through either seeds or cloves. Plants only have so much energy–they can put that energy towards either making seeds or bulb development. Therefore, if you want to enjoy those delicious garlic cloves with your winter stews, pasta sauces, chicken, tofu, steak, fish (I think you get the point…), you can probably see why it’s important that the scapes get the snip. (Plus, we get two ways to enjoy all of the garlicky goodness–win/win!) 
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Come closer, lettuce talk!

Come closer, lettuce talk!

This week we are excited to announce that we are expanding our à la carte veggie offering. In your wonderfully detailed (sometimes hilarious) survey responses, you called for more choice. And so you shall have it! (You also called for more chocolate and less monkfish. We hear you!)
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