Our Story

Erin and Tim


We (Erin and Tim) started Family Dinner in 2017 with the mission of creating community around local food and the people who grow it. Our aim was to use data and technology to shorten and strengthen the local food supply chain, reduce waste in the system, and give smaller businesses a chance to compete on a larger stage. 
Operating out of our apartment, we started with a small group of willing friends and family. We scoured local farms and markets for interesting ingredients, packed them up and delivered them to eager friends, grateful for the hugs and high-fives given at their doorsteps.
In the Fall of 2017, we joined Foundation Kitchen, a shared culinary workspace in Somerville, MA, and began to broaden our reach. We have since bootstrapped from 10 weekly customers to almost 700 families in the Greater Boston area, and work with over 80 local farms, growers, and purveyors.
Our goal is to build a better food system from the ground up, starting with small farmers, consumers, and food industry workers. These are our three guiding principles: 
  1. People First - Put people above profit in order to ensure that our partners, our team, and our community is cared for.
  2. Zero Waste - Use data and analytics to help us reinvent the local food supply chain, eliminate waste, and help farmers sell everything they grow. 
  3. Taste & Quality - If it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point?  Curate only the best local ingredients to share with our community.
These values have helped us grow as a small business, while giving small farmers and food purveyors the tools they need to compete with the big guys.