Thanksgiving Birds!


Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! For this holiday we are partnering with Steve Hurd from Hurd Farm in Hampton, NH. The farm has been family owned and operated since 1923 and pasture raises their poultry without antibiotics or hormones. They sell out every year!

We also have Chickens on sale from Tad at Feather Brook Farms. Many of our members have called this the tastiest chicken they've ever eaten.

Place your order by Wednesday, Nov 20, and we will deliver your bird on Tuesday, Nov 26, giving you plenty of time to prepare these beautiful birds.  And don't forget to check out the Thanksgiving Veggie Share to complement your bird!

Chickens are approximately 4-5 lbs.  Turkeys range from 12-30 lbs. If you’re ordering a smaller bird, we recommend 2 lbs per person. If you’re ordering a big bird, we recommend ordering 1-½ lbs per person.

Please note that discount codes apply to subscription items only and do not apply to special holiday offerings.