Pork Roasts


We are partnering with Luke Mahoney and his family at Brookford Farm in Canterbury, NH to bring you these beautiful pork roasts. Brookford Farm was founded in 2007 by Luke and Catarina Mahoney. Today, their farm is comprised of 613 acres of organic pasture that produces many of the vegetables and some specialty cuts of meat that we sell at Family Dinner.

Luke and his family would like to offer you the following roasts to enjoy with your family:

Pork Shoulder Roasts are used to make classic recipes like pulled pork, pernil, and carnitas. This is Tim's favorite type of roast to cook and it's extremely versatile if you need to repurpose for tacos or leftovers later in the week (although it probably won't last that long). Be sure to make a plate for the chef before it disappears!

Pork Tenderloin Roasts are lean, cylindrical roasts that can be cut into beautiful medalion slices for those who like lighter, leaner cuts of meat. They go wonderfully with brown sugar and mustard-based sauces. Here's a collection of pork tenderloin recipes from The Spruce for you to choose from!

Pork Loin Rib End Roasts are larger and fattier than pork tenderloins.  They are a crowd pleaser and are plenty big to serve as the star of the show at a larger family gathering.  Here are a couple of recipes, one featuring garlic, sage, rosemary, and potatoes from Epicurious and another from The Spruce featuring mustard and a cajun spice mix. Enjoy!