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Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz)


Let us make your morning just a wee bit easier with some whole bean coffee from Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine. Roasted fresh each week and delivered right to your door, we think it's the best darn cup of coffee around. Fun fact: it's brewed and served every day by our friends at Vinal Bakery in Somerville, MA.

West End Blues Traditional in name only, West End Blues is a complex blend of flavors and textures.  Fruity but not fruit forward, grounded in chocolate and sparkling with zesty notes of baking spices and tea, WEB shines when combined with milk but stands on its own as a killer drip coffee.

Time and Temperature Effervescent, electric, and just plain cool, Time and Temperature is Tandem’s signature espresso blend. Perfect for dancing alone or with friends, it doubles as a delightful drip coffee. However you enjoy its crisp acidity and punchy sweetness, it’s Tandem's embodiment of “Spreading Joy” in every cup.

Sun Lamp “I might as well be drinking tea*,” you say to no one in particular as you drink another cup of lousy decaffeinated coffee. Don’t feel defeated by bad decaf. Turn to Tandem’s brighter, sweeter Sun Lamp. With hints of marshmallow, graham cracker, and green grape, let the surprising flavors of Sun Lamp reimagine what decaffeinated coffee can be and leave the anxiety behind. *No offense to tea. Tandem loves tea.