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May 15, 2019, The Boston Globe
The eco-friendly meal delivery service you can only get around here

"Food people and busy people — or, in all likeliness, both — have all probably dabbled in meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Needham-based Purple Carrot, or a CSA share.

"Family Dinner, a food delivery service founded in 2017, mixes the best of both. You sign up online for the share size that is right for your family, or you can pick and choose from a selection of farm fresh and seasonal meats, fish, dairy, and locally produced vegan options. They e-mail you recipe ideas when your order is on the way, and it’s hand-delivered in a reusable bag that you give back the next time you order. Almost everything is wrapped in paper. It’s that simple."— Tanya Edwards

April 9, 2019, TEDxNatick
Farm to Table Meets Big Data Analytics

"The goal of our company is to create community around local food and the people who grow it. To make this happen we're using data analytics, automation and technology to build a distributed network of local farms and to make improvements on the food system... here's what we value:

"People First. We're trying to build community around food, the people who love it and the people who grow it.  We built this company to support small farms. 

"Zero Waste. We all hate wasting food, it just feels wrong.  Even that weirdo banana that's been sitting on your coffee table for too long.  

"And lastly, Taste. If it doesn't taste good - if it's not that perfect summer tomato, why bother?"— Erin Baumgartner

March 7, 2019,  Edible Boston
Family Dinner: An Innovative CSA

"From the hand-drawn logo to the casual, intimate tone in weekly newsletters and social media, the company has an appealingly humble and unpolished air that belies its high-tech underpinnings. Weekly recipes are aggregated from mom blogs, NYT Cooking, the Food Network—whatever looks tasty and incorporates the ingredients at hand. They encourage customers to share meals on social media and each small triumph is duly reposted, bad kitchen lighting be damned. There’s no pretense, just a lot of enthusiasm." — Rachel Caldwell

February 11, 2019, Foresight Radio
Democratizing Data

"I can actually identify through the tomato where it’s been, how it was grown, how many resources were used to grow that little tomato. It sounds a bit absurd to us today, but only because we haven’t yet experienced that level of data connection at that low level of granularity, but we’re almost there. We’re getting there." —Tom Koulopoulos

January 9, 2019, Boston Herald
Local food startups want to help you keep your resolutions

"Family Dinner operates somewhere in between a traditional farm CSA and a meal delivery plan. You won’t find preportioned and prepped ingredients in their deliveries; instead you will find whole, farm-fresh ingredients, which means each week your 'share' is seasonal and local." —J. Q. Louise

November 5, 2018, Somerville Journal
Somerville couple brings the farm to your doorstep with Family Dinner
+ bonus behind-the-scenes video tour of the Family Dinner workspace!

"Family Dinner’s convenient and carefully strategized system of acquiring and delivering food makes it to stand out as a business that’s here to stay." —Julia Taliesin

May 21, 2018, Somerville Scout
Ditching the Desk for Family Dinner

"The focus on farmers is a vital part of Family Dinner’s approach." —Eddie Samuels

March 27, 2018, Boston Voyager
Meet Erin Baumgartner of Family Dinner in Somerville

"We seek authenticity. In New England, you don’t have to go far to find it: earnest and honest producers of good food, made the right way, are all around us." —Erin Baumgartner

Customer Reviews 

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"Want a way to feel good about where your food comes from? This is the answer! Excellent proteins and vegetables delivered to your door any week that you choose with a variety of recipe suggestions. Great organization and great people!" —K Coale T. ★★★★★ 

"There aren't enough words to describe how amazing Family Dinner is! The variety of fresh foods that gets delivered weekly not only saves me a trip to the grocery store, but also allows for me to experiment with different foods that I would normally not even think to buy, (ie: ground lamb and golden beets). They also provide flexibility when ordering, week to week, or having to skip weeks which makes it easy to manage. I recommend everyone to at least try Family Dinner for one week and dare you to say that it wasn't worth it!" —Jen P. ★★★★★ 

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"We signed up for the Family Dinner vegetarian whole share and it was a beautifully curated selection of local produce and goods. The vegan sausage (made in Somerville!) was kind of mind blowing: smoky, jam packed with spices, and excellent texture. A nice variety of produce, farm fresh eggs, and crazy good oat/seed bread. The owners got right back to us with questions, a personalized touch, and seem truly committed in making Family Dinner a community-minded experience." —Jacy E.

"Family Dinner is what would happen if Blue Apron and the farmer's market had a beautiful, delicious baby. Fresh, local food shows up at my door every Saturday morning, and it's always a pleasant surprise to see what they'll bring-- yellowfin tuna, long red onions, tomatoes, peaches, fresh pasta... it really doesn't get better than this. I started out with a half share of my own, and within a month, my roommate and I started splitting a full share-- she had tasted a bit here and there, and it was so good that she wanted in on it more regularly." —Meghan H.

"Saturday mornings are our favorite because we get to find out what delicious fish, meats, veggies, and dairy we'll get to nosh on all week all while munching on whatever treat is packed into our share. The food is always unique, but approachable and of fantastic quality. A better, much better, way to CSA." —John M.

October 8, 2018, umommy
Family Dinner: A Better CSA for the Adventurous Home Cook

"The boys loved everything. I loved the quality, local ingredients. I also love supporting local entrepreneurs. And I especially loved that we were still able to sit down for a family dinner, even during the busiest of days." —Sharon Sprague

August 12, 2018, Home is a Kitchen
Family Dinner CSA Delivery Review and Recipe Ideas

"What arrived was no less than a magnificent assortment of delicious treats from local farms and purveyors. Fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, yogurt, cheese, fish, and pizza dough all found their way right to my front door." —Youssef

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