Girl Scout Cookies

Oh, yeah--it's Girl Scout cookie season!!  We're teaming up with Troop 75141 to bring you everyone's favorite treat during this time of social distancing.

Why Troop 75141?  These amazing Girl Scouts are part of a national program studying the roots of the food system, the environmental impacts of food, and issues of food insecurity.  We are in awe of their work and excited to support their efforts as a part of Girl Scouts of the USA!  

While there isn't a consensus among troop members as to their favorite cookie (3 votes for Thin Mints, 2 for Caramel deLites, and 1 each for Shortbread and S'mores), what they all CAN agree on is the impact their Girl Scouts activities have had on their lives and their relationships with food.  Read their personal statements below and be humbled by these young leaders in our community.

Things to know regarding ordering:

  • There is NO mark-up on the cost of these cookies; the troop will receive the same amount as if they had come to your door.
  • For every four boxes a single customer buys, Family Dinner will donate a box to the Woburn Food Pantry.  Thank you for helping us help our neighbors!
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In our "Sow What?" journey, I decided to reduce food waste in my own life by eating food before it goes bad. Sometimes that takes a little extra planning to accomplish. For my project, I would like to compare organic and mainstream food, develop some different recipes with local food, and educate people on the impact of food waste to encourage them to get food locally.

Emily, 16, Woburn

In my "Sow What?" journey, I've definitely learned to become more self-aware of how my diet and grocery store purchases affect the environment both positively and negatively. I think I'll definitely make a conscious decision to try and reduce the amount of both food and plastic waste that results from the food I eat. 

Alice, 16, Winchester

I enjoy selling Girl Scout Cookies because I get to be with my friends in the community and we earn money for new adventures.  Our King Arthur Baking Company trip was cancelled over the last couple of years, but we made the best of it by using our cookie money to purchase cool baking pans, mixes, and recipes.  I plan to go to culinary school for college and work as a pastry chef!

Sarah, 13, Woburn

The thing we have done in our "Sow What?" journey that made an impact on me was the chocolate taste test we did.  We compared mainstream chocolate with slavery-free chocolate.  To be honest, I didn't think there was still farming slavery anywhere.  For my project, I would like to explore the issue of food waste more in depth.  I would also like to eat more local foods with my family.

Amanda, 15, Woburn

The Girl Scout food experience that stood out to me the most this year was the chocolate taste comparison test.  I liked that one of the chocolate bar companies supports non-slavery in cocoa harvesting and chocolate bar manufacturing.  That chocolate bar also tasted better.  It was rich, filling, and the thickness of the bar made it especially tasty.


The activity in our "Sow What?"  journey that stood out to me was when we took a bunch of grocery store circulars and coupons and each had a budget to plan our food shopping.  I realized that you can get more organic things with less money than I had thought.  I have also become more aware of how I approach eating, where it comes from, and why.  I heard about how beef produces a lot of water waste because of the need to water the plants the cows eat and provide them with water to drink.  So, a year ago, I decided to cut beef from my diet; my family cut it out as well and replaced it with pork.  Just by doing that, we saved an amazing amount of water!  For my project, I would like to lead a meeting with younger Girl Scouts and teach them how different proteins in their diets (beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian) affect water waste during growth and processing.

Gretchen, 16, Woburn

Something that stood out to me during the "Sow What?" journey was the scale at which things are happening.  We didn't just reiterate that climate change will be irreversible by 2030, but actually learned how 30% of all food goes to waste, contributing an alarming 11% to greenhouse gas emissions with something entirely preventable.  This journey has also prompted me to research other pertinent issues, including other ways our food contributes to pollution.  After looking into the detriments of plastic packaging and food transportation, I'm committed to making better decisions as a consumer.

Grace, 17, Winchester

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