Milk & Cream


We're proud to partner with Crescent Ridge, a milk producer based in Sharon, MA, to bring milk to you and your family. 

Speaking frankly, their milk is the best we've ever had.

Mark Parrish and the team at Crescent Ridge source their milk from St. Albans Dairy Co-op, a dairy cooperative of New England-based farmers. All Crescent Ridge milk is 100% free of artificial growth hormones (rBST-free) and bottled in glass for optimum taste.

A couple of quick logistical notes:

  • If you order milk, please plan to meet us for your delivery or leave a cooler for drop-off. 
  • And lastly, please return bottles to us, so that we can send them back to Crescent Ridge for cleaning and reuse. Crescent Ridge uses glass in order to maintain the quality of their product and operate more sustainably. Thanks!